Slab Sawing

Slab sawing is an effect method of cutting asphalt or concrete precisely and professionally.  With using a slab saw, it will allow us to create and nice clean, straight edge for you and minimizes any jackhammer. Slab saws use a diamond blade that is mounted on an electric or diesel walk behind saw and can cut slab on grade floors, bridge decks, driveways, structural or suspended slabs and pavement. 

Majority of our fleet is equipped with truck mounted generators to help eliminate any issues of power requirements when an electric saw is required.  

Please contract us for further information, we look forward to working with you! 

Canadian Cutting and Coring’s Wide Array of Services

Canadian Cutting and Coring provides a wide variety of services designed to meet all of your drilling, excavating, removal, coring, and cutting needs. We offer many of these services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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