At Canadian Cutting and Coring, total service gives us the edge over our competition. Canadian-owned and operated, we have served the needs of the concrete drilling and sawing industry since 1964.

From concrete cutting, coring, and drilling to excavating, removal, and everything in between, Canadian Cutting and Coring can sink our teeth into any job. We specialize in cutting concrete floors, allowing plumbing pipes to be run in or under slab floor.

Canadian Cutting and Coring’s expertise also includes concrete walls, where we core round holes to facilitate the addition of piping or ventilation, cut window or door openings, and utilize the latest, no-radiation technology – ground penetrating radar (GPR) – to scan inside concrete and detect existing conduits, cables, and pipes prior to drilling and sawing.

Canadian Cutting and Coring is your single source for a complete range of services, including core drilling; floor and road sawing; wall sawing; wire sawing; curb cutting; concrete breaking; concrete removal; excavation; concrete removal and finishing. With offices located throughout southern Ontario, we're ideally situated to provide our services quickly and efficiently.

Small holes, large holes, many holes or just a few, at Canadian Cutting and Coring, we have core bits up to and including 42" in diameter and we're capable of drilling to any depth. For maximum efficiency, each of our trucks is equipped with its own water and power supply.

Canadian Cutting and Coring has electric saws to make cuts up to 18" deep in concrete floors. Also, like our core drilling trucks, each of our concrete sawing service vehicles are also self-sufficient with built-in generators and their own on-board water supply.

In addition to a complete range of core drilling and sawing services, Canadian Cutting and Coring also offers X-ray and the latest in detection technology; ground penetrating radar system that eliminates costly repairs by accurately detecting embedded objects in slabs and walls prior to core drilling and sawing. Best of all, because the ground penetrating radar system emits zero radiation, detection and location can be performed safely; anywhere, anytime; quietly and efficiently.

Canadian Cutting and Coring is all about service and customer satisfaction – total service gives us the edge. Remember: from the largest project to the smallest, we welcome and encourage your invitation for a quotation. Whether it's to recommend, price or to coordinate the logistics of your project, our experienced sales reps are always glad to help.

At Canadian Cutting and Coring, our service capabilities are as diverse as your needs. Looking to create door and window openings? We can help. Slab and wall removals? Just ask. Wall or floor control joints? With our hydraulic and electric wall saw units capable of sawing up to 24" from one side, we've got you covered there too. Remember, with our cutting-edge ground penetrating radar and X-ray systems, we can also help you avoid costly repairs by detecting embedded objects in advance.

  • Everyone is entitled to a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Workplace incidents, workplace injuries, and occupational disease are unacceptable and preventable.
  • Everyone has a personal responsibility to come to work fit for duty and to work safely.

Our Responsibilities

At Canadian Cutting and Coring, the safety of our employees and co-workers is a number one priority for us, as all workers have the right to work in a safe and healthy workplace. Provisions of appropriate health and safety training is an integral part of all health and safety programs and is a key component of due diligence in the workplace. We have an obligation to properly train our employees to ensure that they are competent to perform their jobs, recognize the hazards of the job and understand how to protect themselves from these hazards.

At Canadian Cutting and Coring continual improvement is essential in managing our Health and Safety program. In order for senior management to identify and determine what, how and when changes need to be made in our safety program we have devised an internal audit process. This process will systematically review the company’s health and safety program in an objective manner, against established criteria. Audit criteria used in this process will be referenced from the HSMS (health and safety management system) review and Canadian Cutting and Coring’s health and safety program, policies and related documents. Ultimately the process will give management the means necessary to react and improve our health and safety program. Our commitment to protecting our employees and co-workers; and meeting the needs of an increasing and evolving regulatory environment, are on-going processes at Canadian Cutting and Coring that will continue to facilitate and shape our health and safety program.

Our Commitment

Jan, 1, 2018    Michael Charette,  President

Jan, 1, 2018

Michael Charette,President

  • We will comply with all applicable health and safety legislation.
  • We will make safety a prime consideration in every decision made and every action taken.
  • We will identify, assess and control hazards.
  • We will report health and safety events and initiate corrective and preventative actions.
  • We will take responsibility for our actions and communicate and apply lessons learned to prevent future incidents. (incidents and near misses)
  • We will strive for continual improvement of our health and
    safety management system and our health and safety performance by setting challenging goals and targets, monitoring our performance and celebrating our success.

Our Executives

Ron Charette 
Founder, CFO, and Director started the company in 1964 following eight years working in a related field. Early in his career, this self-made administrator recognized the potential advantages of diamond tools in the cutting and drilling industry. From the modest beginnings of three employees and two trucks, Canadian Cutting and Coring now has 60 employees, 50 trucks, and branch offices in Cambridge and Barrie, Ontario. Canadian Cutting and Coring is now one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. Ron says, "our office staff, sales force, mechanics, and operators are our greatest assets. We invest in highly trained workers and the best equipment. As a result, our customers know that we do the job right, the first time."

Mike Charette
 is responsible for the overall management of the company, including sales. He considers team building an important part of his job. He has been with the company for over 30 years and plays an active role in the decision making process that ensures the team does the job safely and on time. He says, "Our 45 years of reliable service is our greatest strength and testimonial. We have a solid name in the industry and I feel it's important to carry on what my father started."

Pat O'Neill
Vice President of Operations
oversees the day-to-day operations of the company and was responsible for setting up a new facility. He appreciates the teamwork within the company and capitalizes on the efforts of employees to drive the success of getting jobs done safely and on time. He says, "Our dedicated team works long hours and shows great determination." Pat has been with the company since 1971.